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As Christians, we must understand the difference between following religious tradition and genuinely worshipping God with our whole hearts. Putting too much emphasis on what we have traditionally done can severely impede our spiritual growth and blind us to what really matters to Him. All religious denominations have their own tradition; there is nothing necessarily anything wrong with this—until it contradicts the Word of God by condemning or judging others. Worship is more than just singing, clapping, or raising our hands on Sunday; it is about reverence to God and placing a greater value on Him than on anyone or anything else. In this respect, worship is what we do every moment of every day. Phoniness does not figure into the soul of true worship; it involves a decision to pledge our loyalty and allegiance to God, no matter what happens. Ignoring religious requirements and other peoples’ opinions and instead locating ourselves in Him allows us to immerse ourselves in true worship.