Deliverance from Judgment - Single Message

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The correct way to respond to God۪s unmerited favor is to receive by faith everything Jesus made available to us, with no efforts on our part to make anything that has already been made. However, receiving from God involves neither passively sitting back waiting to be blessed, nor working to obey the law. Instead, it requires that we trust and rely on Jesus and what He did. Grace has a transformative effect; accepting it does not mean we can continue sinning, but instead let it change us so that we no longer want to do the things we did before. This requires that we examine ourselves to determine if we have become comfortable with sin. Jesus loves us so much that He took all our sins on Himself and died on the cross on our behalfthe realization of this should trigger a positive response from us. Believing this will cause us to love Him back; truly encountering grace frees us from bondage