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In marriage, successful relationships are based on the kind of biblical equality that Jesus Christ taught. Although the husband is the head of the wife, this does not mean he is to dominate or control her; he is to nourish and sustain her and be the faucet through which God’s love flows to her. Jesus was God and felt the exact same things that we feel; however, He perfectly defined what it means to be masculine. The example He set defines the difference between simply being a male and being a man; true manhood the way Jesus demonstrated it involves sacrificial service. We will never know how to be real men until we know what God created us to be like. The world will try to define for us what it means to be a real man, but the world is in Satan’s control. Being aware of what the enemy is up to, and deliberately resisting his schemes, allows God to make us into the kind of people He wants us to be.