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God has given each of us a mission to complete, however, the world has a way of distracting us and pulling us in every direction. Sometimes we can get so busy and preoccupied with other things we forget what we have been assigned to do. With this in mind, we must focus on the main priorities in our lives, which should revolve around our identities in Christ. Instead of being overwhelmed with doing everything the world tells us to do, we must instead remain focused on being who God wants us to be. Our external environment pushes us to speed up the pace of our lives, but doing so creates undue stress and causes us to lose our focus on what is really important. Instead of over-committing to everything we are asked to do, we must commit to what Jesus asks us to do. Being careful to keep our priorities in line with God’s Word keeps us centered so that our lives do not spin out of control; prioritizing correctly makes the difference between a life of anxiety and frustration and a life of peace.