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Relationships are important to God, especially the relationship between husbands and wives. However, the world has twisted what God gave us as a gift to the point where the traditional mindset is now that the man should dominate and rule over the woman. This was never God’s original intent, and it actually puts pressure on the man to do what he was never intended to do. The most successful marriages are the ones in which Jesus Christ is at the center; these relationships are patterned after the kind of love between God and Jesus and between Jesus and the church. Jesus was the perfect example of manhood and masculinity; a man will never reach his full potential without a relationship with Him. The world not only misunderstands biblical equality in marriage, but openly rejects it; however, this is necessary for marriages to succeed and for men to be real men. As husbands and wives, our relationships dramatically improve when we base them on the grace of God instead of on the Law of Moses.