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From an eternal perspective, the final destination for born-again believers is overwhelmingly positive. Unlike unbelievers who will be judged as evil after death, those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have already been judged as righteous. Unbelievers have plenty to fear when Jesus returns; however, there is no need for Christians to be afraid because He has already forgiven us of our sins and declared us citizens of heaven. Christ will be back; we are now seeing the signs and physical manifestations indicating this happening all around us. Our physical environment is shouting this message at us loudly and clearly with an increase in sickness and disease, natural disasters, wars, and hatred. It seems like confusing chaos to those who do not know God’s Word and how to apply it to what is presently going on, but it makes perfect sense to believers who know how to interpret the signs. God is delaying His return so as to save as many souls as He can, but He will not wait indefinitely; it is up to us to prepare for His coming.