Are You Living for Christ or Self? - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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We all have a choice as to how we want to live our lives. We can either choose a lifestyle that pleases God, or one that only pleases ourselves. A distinguishing mark of the new covenant is that we have the Holy Spirit who works in us and empowers us to do things that are pleasing to God; these are the very things that we are not capable of doing on our own. However, too many Christians who are under grace do not understand its nature; they become comfortable with their sin and reason that whatever the world does is okay for them to do also. Although God still loves them, they become accustomed to living solely for themselves. If we find ourselves at this point and do not know how to bring our lives back into control, we simply need to let the Holy Spirit teach us how to resist worldly temptations and yield our wills to God’s will. We find power, purpose, and direction when we decide to cooperate with, not fight against, God.