7 Keys to Obtain Victory Over Satan - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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As Christians, we must understand the nature of the spiritual warfare we are in. The devil has already lost and we are fighting a defeated foe; our fight is now all about how to receive what Jesus died on the cross for us to have. However, most people are not even aware that a battle is even going on; some do not believe that Satan even exists. If we do not know he is real, he takes advantage of our ignorance to attack our minds with contradictions to God’s Word. The war actually takes place in our thought lives; we win by knowing precisely what God has said, believing it, and declaring it when we feel the enemy attacking. This involves paying close attention to what we think, and immediately casting down negative thoughts the devil fires at us. We are victorious when we resist false teachings and actively focus our thoughts on the truth of Christ and the gospel.