Overcoming the Regret of Fatherhood Failure - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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Being a father is a tough job. Although God instructs children to honor and obey their parents, He also has specific instructions for dads that some men can struggle with. Everyone fails and misses the mark at one time or another when raising their kids; however, we must never let our mistakes open us up to shame or condemnation. Many fathers who feel they have failed on multiple occasions can fall into the trap of believing the devil’s lies that they are failures. The strategy to overcome this is to believe what God says instead—that they are righteous and redeemed, regardless of their shortcomings. We must be more committed to the voice of God than to the voice of shame. There is no need to let our past rob our future; submitting in humility to God’s Word gives us grace that frees us from shame and regrets.