How to Mature in Your Emotions - 7 Message Series

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On our Christian walk, our emotional maturity determines our success or failure in everything we do! It’s an important part of Christian character that sets believers apart from others. It is important for us to mature not only spiritually, but also emotionally. If we do not grow in this area and fail to control our emotions, they can become a powerful force that we must deal with when we are attacked. Creflo Dollar’s insightful seven-part series, How to Mature Your Emotions, reveals how to unlock this key component to a successful Christian life.

  • How to Mature in Your Emotions
  • 10 Signs of Emotional Maturity
  • How to Be Flexible
  • Taking Ownership and Responsibility
  • The Blessing of Not Knowing
  • How to Learn and Grow from Every Opportunity
  • Learning from the Experience of Others