Discovering the Essence of Worship - 3 Message Series

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Genuinely worshipping God goes far beyond the act of simply coming to church. When we “worship” God through repetition and religious tradition but our hearts are not in it, we are wasting our time. The essence of real worship is our daily heartfelt expression of loyalty, commitment, and allegiance to God. Real worshippers live to please Him, not themselves. They lead lifestyles inspired by a belief that God is more worthy and valuable than anyone or anything else, and a desire to be more like Him. Unlike the Old-Testament pattern of worship which only involved actions and performance, the New-Testament pattern of worship involves our spirits. Understanding this takes us from simply reporting to a building on Sunday to walking with God and being in His presence every day.

Messages Include
  • Discovering the Essence of Worship
  • What Is True Worship
  • The Sacrifice of Worship