Satan’s Plot to Steal Your Trust - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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In these last days, Satan is battling for our hearts and our faith. He has been working hard to undermine God and build a foundation of deception to make us spiritually blind; the last thing he wants is for us to live under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The enemy works through the spirit of mammon attached to money; he lies to us and tells us he can give us things that only God can give us. His plan is to get us to rely on money more than on God. Mammon hates generosity and giving, especially with our finances; we defeat this evil spirit by giving to show that we trust in God enough to give without fear of lack. Despite what mammon tells us, we can depend on God, who will take care of us and never leave us. Genuine success and prosperity on every level come only from making God our source.