10 Signs of Emotional Maturity - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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As Christians, our well-being encompasses not just our bodies and our spirits, but also our feelings. Our emotions reside in our souls, and they have considerable control over the direction of our lives. If we do not mature emotionally, we can end up in a bad place. Signs that we are maturing in this area include a willingness to be flexible, taking responsibility for our actions, admitting that we do not know everything, looking to learn something from every situation, and welcoming diverse points of view. Other signs are resilience, a calm disposition, believing in oneself, approach ability, and a sense of humor. Life can be stressful; learning to laugh helps us to deal with the pressure and successfully move through situations as they occur. Emotional maturity does not mean being serious all the time; being willing to loosen up a bit allows us to enjoy life, which is God’s will for us.