Your Spiritual Makeover - Book

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In all your endeavours to gain control of your finances, career, marriage, health, or family--you can wear yourself out! Even with your best efforts, circumstances can careen out of control at any given moment, but there is way to achieve a balance that will bring peace, joy, and order to your life even when challenges arise--and that is beautiful!

In these pages, you will embark on a spiritual makeover with honored pastor, esteemed author, and popular television co-host Taffi L. Dollar. She will help you bring focus to the One Who gave you life to start with, enabling you to bring order and peace to your world. You will be inspired and challenged to make small changes in your daily routine to develop your spiritual walk that, in turn, will bring amazing results! Plus, Taffi includes practical advice on health and beauty that completes this spiritual makeover.

Begin today to develop your inner beauty and bring balance to every area of your life.