Real Manhood : Being The Man God Made You to Be - Book

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Being a man of God is not easy in today's world. There are many distorted ideas and images being presented by contemporary culture and even by men's families, that don't line up with the Word of God. Consequently many men are confused about their true identity and are at a loss in knowing how to actually fulfill their intended role. Real Manhood is a trumpet-call to men to rise up to the challenge to be the man God intends them to be.

Here is practical advice on how to:

  • Conquer fear,
  • Overcome areas of personal struggle,
  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with God,
  • Relate properly to others.

Real Manhood gives men a more compelling vision of masculinity, equips them to be true to their responsibilities, and enables them to be a tremendous asset to their family, their church, and the Kingdom of God.