Life Saver Sermon Notes: The Truth About Giving (Part 1) - Mini Book

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As born-again Christians, giving should be a reflex action and a part of our character. If we are to live by the Bible, it’s important to read it closely to learn what it says. One of the things we learn from the Word is the importance of giving. God is the God of extravagant favors, but whether we benefit from His promises depends on whether we believe what the Bible says in this area. The apostle Paul had plenty to say about grace-based giving, and what he preached is unlike the advice given by any of the world’s leading financial experts. Life Saver Sermon Notes: The Truth about Giving Edition Part 1 shows how vital it is that we properly manage the financial resources with which we have been blessed, and how to ensure that the act of giving is not an issue for us at all.