Faith Confessions for Life: Volumes 1-3

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Faith must be in two places to be effective—in your heart and in your mouth. When you understand the power of words, you can use them to frame your world on purpose. Making faith confessions is a vital part of the Christian lifestyle because it sets spiritual laws in motion that are designed to cause the manifestation of what you believe, particularly when combined with your corresponding action.

Faith Confessions for Life Volumes 1-3 combines all three volumes of the revolutionary Faith Confessions mini-book series to provide readers with one book that has confessions for every area of life. It starts with finances, healing, and forgiveness; goes to overcoming condemnation and taking authority over your emotions; and finally moves to areas such as taming your mind and overcoming rejection.

Activate God’s power in your life and put your faith on display today. Speak God’s Word over your life and create an impenetrable wall of blessings between you and the enemy!