The Gift of Righteousness vs. The Curse of Sin - CD/DVD/MP3 Download

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When we get born again, we receive a new nature and become as perfect and flawless in God’s eyes as Jesus, Himself. God sees everyone who has accepted Christ as completely righteous. However, we will still continue falling short and committing sinful acts while on our Christian journey. The difference between the old and the new is that God no longer holds our sins against us because our old, sinful selves have died. Our righteousness is permanent, and we can never sin it away; if we have trouble believing this, it is because we have not renewed our minds according to God’s grace. We are not what we do, and we do not become sinners again when we sin; our new identity is based in Jesus, not in Adam. Full confidence in what Christ did on the cross for us changes our thinking, corrects our behavior, and results in a decision to reject sin.